We make our home in Los Angeles. The first thing most people think when they think Los Angeles is Hollywood and movie stars. The second thing they think of is traffic. Yes, sometimes we sit in our cars, and sometimes our Jam Van for hours on end trying to go a measly ten miles and it’s extremely bothersome. So it always helps to have some tunes that keep you level headed during those trying-traffic-times. Enter Jon Batiste and Stay Human. To say this groove is smooth is an understatement. This groove is so smooth that if I played it on loop and started in my native Venice Beach at the height of rush hour and headed to the San Fernando Valley in the blazing summer heat with my top down and the sun glaring, I think I’d get out of my car two hours later (having traveled approximately 20 miles) feeling as if I’d just hopped out of a pool. It’s just that cool. You dig?