“These guys look rad,” exclaimed Jonny-Boy when we pulled into the dirt that surrounded The Good Times Lounge, one of three bars in Ft. Stockton, TX. He wasn’t talking about the locals. He was talking about the dudes of John Wayne Bro. Standing on the porch grinnin’ ear to ear. They stuck out dark and rowdy against the burnt Ft. Stockton skyline. Black shoes, black jeans, black jackets, black ties, black shades, black cigarettes. Party time.

There was nothing shy about these dudes, and there’s nothing shy about us, and throw into the mix the fact that there’s nothing, absolutely nothing to do in Ft. Stockton, TX, and we come roundabout to make a whole lot of something.

We literally kicked in doors while the band loaded up their gear. Found a Ghost Piano in a Ghost House. Brought it out, let it wake up, and then John Wayne Bro woke up the neighborhood. That neighborhood was two hillbillies and the cops, we’ll take it.

John Wayne Bro, they named the band after the Drummer’s father, and the drummer, Taylor, he’s a mountain of a man in all senses of the phrase. So I figure the namesake, he’s got to be the same. I made that conclusion on account of their music carrying a whole lot a bark, and a smack of soul, and if you’re gonna do that, you better pick a strong name. Else you’ll never get those two hillbillies, nor the cops to come out their trailers for a listen.