John Craigie and Leigh Jones were just your average High Sierra Music Festival goers. They came for a good time, came to see some music, knock back a few beers, and dance under the stars with their shoes off. They also brought their own instruments, because when you’re at a festival, if it’s a good one, music leaps off of the stages and weaves its way through the tents and campfires and surrounds everything. That’s one of the reasons why we love phestivals so much. Our music machine fits right in. People get what we’re doing, and they get excited about it, because they believe in the same type of a good time that we believe in.

So much so in fact, that at this phestival they lined up to enter a contest, the prize was the very session that you’re digging on right now. It’s definitely rewarding for us that people would take the time out of their festival day to participate in something like this. So we hope John and Leigh got just as big of a rush out of it as we did. Here’s to seeing y’all on a line-up next time, somewhere, someway.