Spud has been known to drop a “guuuuuurl” from time to time. It generally coincides with his approval of a female’s musical performance. When Jessica Childress got out of The Van, having just performed three spirited renditions of her original recordings, Spud was in broken record mode. In my almost a decade of knowing this man, I have not heard him say “guuuuuurl” more times than I heard that evening. Which I think means that he was a pretty big fan of Mrs. Childress. Of course, it’s not hard to see why. The girls’ got pipes. I suppose that’s why she made it as a contestant on The Voice on Usher’s team. So now she can count both Usher and Spud as two of her biggest supporters. Of course, Spud drives a much cooler vehicle than Usher, so come on guuuurl, you know who you’re riding with now!