Oh man, where to even begin with this one? If you asked me a year ago who Jesse Konrad was I would have told you he’s my buddy Crazy Jonny’s little brother who was kind of a douche to me at a Halloween shindig many years ago. Not that this memory has consumed me for years or anything of that sort, it’s just this was my only real interaction with the kid. So that’s pretty much all I could have said. Now if you asked me of his brother, Jonny, well that’s a totally different story.

You see, there were some pretty dark years back there when my life consisted of riding the Los Angeles public transport to and from law school and then a few years thereafter where I made it off of the bus only to find myself driving to and from a job at a law firm that at times physically pained me to attend. It was during these years that mine and Crazy Jonny’s friendship really solidified. He was this very off-beat character with seemingly no inhibition or desire to conform and that was very interesting to me at a time when I was surrounded by mostly squares with many inhibitions and a desire to stay within the confines of societal norms and for lack of a better word, boredom.

I myself was not ready to resign to that fate and so I spent many a night traipsing the town with Crazy Jonny in tow as he would cause mischief and I would watch in awe. Sometimes he was annoying, sometimes he was downright maddening, other times he was amusing and a real solid friend. Regardless, he always had a spot on my couch (much to my roommates dismay) and I will always remember some of those times as some of the strangest and most interesting of my life.

At any rate, this is all meant to say that regardless of my short recollection of Jesse Konrad, when he came inquiring of a session, and I saw that his music sounded decent, I felt there was little I could do but grant him his request. So now you see I have a new recollection of him. Wandering into JITV HQ in a fashion very befitting of a Henderson brother (his actual last name). With a glazed over look in his eyes he told me of an all nighter on a bus from Tucson, an Adderall pill to arouse himself, and a need for sleep after the session was done. Again, none of it was shocking, and I would have had it no other way given the subject.

Then as quickly and quietly as he came in his, other brother (he’s got like 8), Jimmy, came to pick him up and whisk him away. I know Jimmy too, but he’s no Jonny, and I’ve got no good stories to tell about him. He did pick his brother up though and say he needed to get him to bed. It was weird, some kind of paternal, brotherly something or other that my only-child-ass doesn’t understand. He did however rush the kid away before I could make sure he made good on a guarantee that he put in his request email to Jam in the Van…

You see in the truest of Henderson form he claimed that he would get Gene Simmons of Kiss to tweet his session out. So keep your eyes out for that… I’ll be expecting it right around the same time Jonny makes good on his promise to pay me back for lunch eight years ago. Although it won’t be necessary, as the music will suffice.