The Jam Van in all its glory has gone through a considerable amount of physical changes over the years.  However, one constant has been that it tends to get quite hot inside The Van when the sun is shining outside and a band is shining inside.  So we’ve put some bands to the test, especially if you were a band that played for us during Bonnaroo a couple of years back, that was a doozy as far as heat was concerned.  We almost lost a couple good musicians.  Anyways, at this point we have a fairly decent AC unit, but it still tends to get pretty sticky inside if the temperature is toasty outside.  That being said, Jared James Nichols and his two Swedish band mates went into the belly of the beast completely dry.  When they hopped out they looked like they’d just run a marathon in 100 degree heat.  However, it was a night-time set, and it was February, so it wasn’t super warm out at the time.  So one could deduce from all of this that Jared James Nichols a) is good at sweating and b) tore that mother-van down!