It started off as a beautiful Saturday morning, at approximately 10 am the JITV Crew arrives to set up for a full day of shooting.. Number 1 of the 6 bands that were scheduled, showing up promptly at 12 pm for their scheduled time with their fabulous entourage were the incredibly stylish siblings, James Davis.

The typical artist session goes as follows: 30 minutes for set up, camera adjustments and sound check, 20 minutes of recording followed by some Lagunitas and a short rendezvous, then we’ll say our thank you’s and goodbyes and the band will be off to their next great venture. This wasn’t the case for James Davis.. After about an hour of setting up, it was discovered that the band was missing their AC adapter for their interface and had to make a trip to go get one. As the next couple artists were arriving we decided we needed to stick to schedule and have to squeeze these guys later on when we had a time gap. Waiting around for that moment to come, the sweltering afternoon heat was no joke.. the temperature in DTLA raised to 95 and we were all sitting in puddles of our own sweat in this unventilated old industrial brick warehouse. James Davis in their black outfits, leather pants and all were patiently waiting their turn… and finally, 5 very long hours later.. it was their time. So it’s safe to say this was a very highly anticipated performance for both the crew and the band, we hope it’s the same for all of you.