I believe we started out with no genre categories on our website session’s page. Then we moved to a new fancier site and added some genres. We began with just a few at first, and then slowly realized that we needed more to encapsulate all of the music we were posting. Things don’t always fit neatly into a slot like “rock and roll” or “folk music.” Sometimes artists cross-over between genres or don’t fit any genre at all.

In the case of Jackson Breit I feel remorse that we are missing a certain type of category to file him under. Because I don’t think he fits clearly in any of our options. The argument could be made for filing him under quite a few headings. However, in the ideal we would have a category called “Feel Good Music.” Because that’s the genre I see this best fitting into. Not “Blues” or “Jazz” or “Indie,” or anything the like. No, this is just music to put a smile on your face. Unfortunately we don’t have that slot available… yet. So if you’ll excuse me, I have to go call our website guy and see what can be done about this. In the meantime, have a smile or two on us.