This is making me a little nostalgic and it’s on account of a very roundabout course of reasoning, but it is what it is. You see, my buddy Goose Man is a huge reggae fan. He lives for events like California Roots. His happy place is under the sun with his shirt off, a beer in his hand, a bandana on his head and his other hand pumping in the air in rhythm (kind of) to the beat of a reggae jam. So as I’m posting this session from one of Goose’s favorite bands in the world, I’m thinking about my buddy and all the good times we had growing up down the street from one another. All the trouble we would get into, all the places we’d hop in the car and go, all the fun we had, and all the music we heard. We sure did hear a lot of music man, and it’s all beautiful memories. Just like this pretty little memory that’s causing me to remember all of these other ones. Music will do that too you if you ain’t careful. One minute you’re listening to a song on the radio, the next you’re speeding down memory lane and feeling whatever emotions come along with that particular ride. Tht’s some powerful stuff, right Goosey? This one goes out to you buddy, throw that hand up in the air wherever you’re at and make some new memories.