The first time we filmed Insects vs. Robots was in 2014 on Willy Nelson’s turf at his ranch in Luck, TX. It was a pretty memorable day for several reasons. For starters, we filmed ten bands in a single day, which was a new JITV record. Also, we were at Willy’s place, which was awesome unto itself, and on top of that, he throws a killer party, which the Heartbreaker Banquet (the name of the party we were at) was. Lastly, although not really lastly, but lastly for purposes of this write-up, we were introduced to the musical stylings of Willy’s youngest son, Micah, and his “psychedelic orchestra,” Insects vs. Robots. They in short blew our minds. The crew in particular could not get enough, and were singing their own, albeit subpar version of the track “Mosquito” for quite a few days following. Needless to say, the original was far easier on the ears.

This go around we were back in Texas, but we were the hosts. Again, the property was spectacular, again, the party was pretty good. The biggest difference was that we didn’t have to drive home at the end of the night and wind up getting lost in the pitch black of Texas back roads that lead you out of Luck, TX. No, this time Jack wasn’t drunk off of moonshine and didn’t lead the driver astray. In fact, there was no driver at all, we just had to crawl into our beds and do it again the next day… or did we film Insects vs. Robots on the last day of our Austin trip? I’m not sure, it all kind of blurs together, maybe we did get lost on the back roads, maybe this never even happened… You see, Insects vs. Robots is trippy shit!