I had a friend who hitch-hiked across the country once. His name’s Jonny, I’ve chronicled his crossings with the Jam Van on the site before. I bring up his hitchhiking exploits now because this band reminds me that people do have the gusto to take to the road with their lives and give caution to the wind. Sometimes it’s curiosity, which I think was part the case with Jonny. Other times it’s circumstance, which I think was also part of the case with Jonny.

SXSW is pretty business first, get in, play your songs, on to the next one. So I didn’t get to rap witht he performers too much, so a lot of what I garnered it comes from listening and reading, and when I Googled this band I found that Alynda Lee Segarra writes and sings all of Hurray for the Riff Raff’s songs, and that some time before this band she split from her home in the Bronx at 17 and bounced around the country on freight trains. Wild right? That’s the type of stuff you watch a movie and say you wish you could do, but instead you go to school and get a job. Wild.

So she’s probably got some kind a similar unchained spirit as Jonny, who actually met her if I recall correctly. Now, neither of them got a movie deal yet, but Alynda, who knows, maybe if she keeps writing them songs someone’s gonna take notice. Jonny boy, well, if by some absurdly twisted fortuitous happenstance it did occur, I supposed I’d be obligated to go see it, but I ain’t paying for the ticket.