I know exactly where we heard about these guys, My Old Kentucky Blog was the tip-off, but that was years ago. Back in the BT Era (Before Twitter), for us at least. Skip ahead a blur of colors and years and we reach the AT years and as luck would have it, Hotfox knows how to twit just as well as we do, and boom, holler at your homeboy we done met.

Dudes come from the Midwest, Indiana to be specific. From the looks of them you would think they were all investment bankers, but they’re not. They’re just a few really heady guys who are living out that party scene from Almost Famous where Russel Hammond is standing on the roof above the pool yelling at folks. Not so much the Russel Hammond part of that scene, but like, I would assume that there was some kick-ass band playing that party that night and having a rage-ass of a time, and that’s the part I’m talking about.

We met up with Hotfox at SXSW. They were just as good live as they were in the blogosphere. It was a rage-ass of a time. They’ll be standing on the roof soon enough.