Emerging in 2017, Honey Harper is the shadowy, country-inspired operation from William Fussell, an Atlanta-based indie artist who is also associated with post-punk band Mood Rings and the synth pop project Promise Keeper. After making his full-length debut with 2020’s Starmaker, he fashioned the project as more of a band effort on 2022’s Honey Harper & the Infinite Sky.

Fussell initially found success in 2011 with the lush post-punk band Mood Rings. Relocating to London in 2015, Fussell first released a synth-oriented project under the name Promise Keeper before unveiling his moody country alter ego in 2017. As Harper, he applies some of the shadowy ethereal elements from his previous projects to a songwriting and performance style that digs deep into the mythos of country music, particularly the slow and lonesome variety. Signing with Canadian indie Arbutus Records, he released his debut EP, Universal Country, in late 2017, with his first full-length effort, Starmaker, arriving in early 2020.

Over the next two years, Fussell reapproached the project from a new angle, revamping Honey Harper as more of a collaborative endeavor with keyboardist Alana Pagnutti contributing to the songwriting and arrangements. He also added a full backing band called the Infinite Sky. His first outing in this format was 2022’s Honey Harper & the Infinite Sky.