HLLNDR is a radiant product of suburban San Marcos, California. At a young age she was exposed to the kind of music that would mold her as a human and a musician. This same music would also inspire her to attempt to stand out among her nine competitive siblings. Her formative years were spent taking vocal lessons and singing in a choir, which led her and her band of vocalists to Hungary, Germany, and Russia to showcase their burgeoning talent. Along with this invaluable traveling and singing experience, HLLNDR pursued three years of classical music during that time in an effort to perfect her range of talent. She began her solo musical journey singing in churches and then started writing her own music, which she took to bars and restaurants to perform. HLLNDR has established a resolute nature that compliments her music in a beautifully mighty way. Her voice pierces hearts and gratifies ears, all while challenging the modern formulaic female sound. HLLNDR’s art is forthright, raw, and lacks any trace of bubble gum, boy toys, or fairy tales.