In a certain sense, if you play “what if,” Jam in the Van might just be a rusty old RV collecting dirt and hillbilly garbage behind a Pizza Hut in Ft. Stockton, Texas had it not been for a chance encounter with The Highway Poets. Had someone in their band or associated with their band not seen Jam in the Van on the interwebs, and had they not reached out to Jam in the Van and suggested that we film them, then perhaps we might never have been introduced to the fine people at the Lagunitas Brewing Company. You see, after filming them in Orange County, the Highway Poets offered to introduce us to their pals at Lagunitas. One thing led to another and here we are, all a part of one big happy music promoting family.

Without Lagunitas we would most likely have traveled far fewer miles over the last three years. Like I said, we can sit here and play “what if” and say we might have found another Lagunitas and still be where we are at in a sense, but we wouldn’t want to. Lagunitas is the one for us, and we’re thankful we met them every day that we get to wake up and go to work at something we love. So in a funny way we all owe the Highway Poets a great deal of thanks for that intro. So I guess the best way we can show our gratitude is to open our Van’s doors to them whenever we cross paths. It’s fitting then that they helped us break in Jam Van 3.0. Hopefully they’ll get to crack the champagne on 4.0, 5.0 and beyond. So if you dig Jam in the Van then thank these guys the next time you see them… and you should see them, because they rip!