Spud had an idea.  He said, “let’s start giving the fans a chance to get discovered in The Van.”

I’m not going to lie, at first I was a little bit skeptical.  I don’t even remember my reasoning, but I didn’t jump at the idea.  “Don’t worry,” Spud said, “I’ll set it all up, you just watch and see what happens.”

A sell like that I couldn’t say no to.  So here we are, our first ever Open Mic under the belt, and man if it ain’t a couple of these songs that I play over and over again.  That’s because these are the only copies of the tracks that exist on the web, to my knowledge, and because they’re damn good songs from damn good musicians.  So Spud was right, and I was wrong to hesitate.  Music can be found on every street corner, every open door, and clearly, ever festival campsite.  I of all people should know that.

So here are six dreamers who got an unexpected chance to hop in The Van, close the door and pay make believe in a room where so many amazing musicians have played before.  Some the magic they left us with is pure gold, some of it, well, it’s still an open mic after-all, you know?