Simple is good. That’s why Bonnaroo works as magically as it does, it’s just easy. You pull into the gates, and assuming you get past the generally jovial security, well then you’ve made it to four days of genuine freedom. The trade off is dirty porta-potties, but that’s a fair deal given the fact that once inside those gates, you are allowed to forget everything you left outside and just simply be whatever it is you care to be for a blur of a weekend.

Sure you have to pack and bring supplies, but other than that, all you gotta do is show up and be. If at all during those four days you feel stressed or aren’t having a good time, then you’re doing it wrong.

This here video is Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta on day 2 of The Roo. That’s a Friday in the real world, but everyday is a Saturday while at Bonnaroo, so it was Saturday. He showed up with just a guitar in his hand, making it easy for Beez to mic the set. It was appreciated given the heat and the hangovers. As was Mr. Baker’s solo performance. Just him and a guitar, strumming and singing. When you’re lying on the grass under a canopy, cracking open an 11AM beer, and listening to music like this, well, simply put, it’s simply, heady. Which I always mean in the best possible of ways.