This foursome was our final session at Bonnaroo in the year of OH’13. They showed up on Sunday at around 5PM, right before the rain came down. The Perfect Hippie had just brought back about five giant pizzas, so it’s suffice to say that He’s My Brother She’s My Sister had impeccable timing. The pizza was pretty solid, and so was the session, and if we’d timed it just a little bit later the heavens would have opened up and taken a big ole rain dump on us all. Because once it started falling it ain’t let up for the entire night.

It was that Bonnaroo rain too. Which means that it was hitting you from all angles. From above, from below, from the side, front, back, you gotta just accept that you’re getting wet. You’re already dirty, so now you’re wet and dirty, and it ain’t no way around any of it. A rain coat won’t do nothin’. Come morning our campsite was demolished. Our tents were soaked. Our food was watered down. Everything was wet, dirty, stank-nasty, and while you remember that, for sure, it ain’t what you take away.

You take away that undeniable feeling of being free and having a good time. It’s embodied by the miracle of making music, anywhere, anyhow, anyway. Click-clackin’ heels on a board, in tune with a guitar and a voice, music. Beautiful, is an understatement sometimes. So as with every rain, there follows a rainbow. Only this day it took place inside of a van, compliments of a brother and sister, and two of their friends. So here’s to eating pizza in the dirt and letting the rain come down.