On the Thursday that we were filming Heartless Bastards in Los Angeles, I was on a flight to North Carolina to attend the wedding of an old friend whom I had grown up with. The wedding was in the “boonies” if you will, and the friend getting married is currently living on his new wife’s family’s land, in a trailer, single-wide, not double. To say our lives have gone in different directions since high school would be a gross understatement. At any rate, while having a pre-wedding lunch outside of the aforementioned trailer the groom’s older brother, whom I’ve never been a huge fan of asked me the question “are you still doing that Jam in the Van thing?” His tone was pretty condescending considering it came from a 40 year old currently working in a bike shop, but whatever, I love answering questions about Jam in the Van, I’m proud of it. So I launched into the usual spiel, at which point another of the groom’s brothers (whom I like a little bit better) asked me if we’d had anyone cool in to record lately. I immediately said yeah, in fact “the Heartless Bastards were in there yesterday recording a special session for Crosley Radio.” My excited reply was met with quite a few blank stares and head-shakes. “They’re really good” I said, they’re pretty popular… still nothing.

So later when I was at the wedding and nobody was dancing because the bride and groom had one of the worst playlists that I have ever heard at an event in my life, I thought to myself, “damn, they really should be using our website more.”

So yeah, that’s why we’re still doing this “Jam in the Van thing.” Because it’s a shame that so much good music goes un-heard by a lot of ears and people are still playing stuff like that God-awful “Love Shack” song at weddings. We’re not here to save music, we’re just here to make sure it gets heard.