The dudes of Ha Ha Tonka are solid, solid, dudes. Just real genuine, easy-going guys. The types a fellas you wouldn’t mind hangin’ around anytime, anywhere. Especially if they bring their guitars and mandolin and strap a tambourine to a foot. That makes them the guests of honor, probably wherever they’re at.

They were for sure our guests of honor on a chilly Los Angeles night out back a the Bootleg. There was some strange goings on in the theater, a fashion show or somethin’, all sorts of wild folks running around in wild costumes. The Jam Van didn’t feel out of place one bit, not with all those colors flashing about. In fact, she kind of fit in. So those boys from the Ozarks loaded into her belly and shook the foundation with their knee slappin’ slice of Americana college boy harmonies. Three cuts off of their latest album, Death of a Decade, and a few words about where they’re at and where they’re from.

Like I said, real solid dudes.