About three years ago we filmed a metal band in an alley in Hollywood.  It was in the old van, we were pretty green altogether, and we’d never recorded anything that loud before.  I remember there was this dude there hanging out, he was the boyfriend of a girl whom I was friends with at the time, he made a comment to the effect of saying that we would never be able to track that band because it was too loud, too metal.  I remember telling him that I’d bet him anything that we would track it.  I think we settled on twenty bucks for a wager, which he never paid up on, but he does 100% owe me for because we %100 tracked that band and it %100 sounded awesome.

Flash forward to Atlanta, 2014, Gunpowder Gray’s session.  It’s not quite metal, but it’s rock, and it’s loud, and it’s awesome, and nobody would ever dare question if we tracked it this time.  They wouldn’t dare.