I don’t know what the deal with the no vowels in band names thing is. It just started happening recently, as far as I know, and it’s kind of catching on like a wild fire. I guess I should have asked the dudes from GRMLN why they weren’t the dudes from Gremlin. They certainly asked me plenty of questions. They were a very curious band, which is totally cool by us. We’re happy to talk about how the Jam Van came to be and how long we’ve been jamming in a van for. Mind you, these conversations were going down on the side of a street in Hollywood where we’d set out a couch and some chairs and were eating nachos for lunch. All that was missing was a bong and a TV playing in the background and we’d have the ideal scenario.

My point is, I think, that regardless of if their band name has vowels or not, the dudes from GRMLN were super chill, and so is their music. So I recommend trying it on a couch, with or without nachos, with or without a bong, definitely with the TV muted. Got it? Any questions?