The first time we hung out with Grizfolk it was in Malibu, which is kind of a nice neighborhood. The second time we kicked it with them we met up at Bottle Rock, which is in Napa Valley, CA, which is also kind of a nice neighborhood. Like, really nice. Both encounters went off without a hitch and the fellas hit us with three songs that were equally pleasant to the neighborhoods that we recorded them in. Now, we’ve had a select few groups that have graced the Jam Van stage three times before. Let it be hereby written that if Grizfolk is going to become one of those groups for their third session we’re taking it to an inner city. I’m talking Compton, Watts, Harlem, some back alley in New Orleans, wherever it is, you boys are going to work for it, and we suggest you learn how to rap, because we ain’t aiming for “pleasant” on the next one!