If my memory serves me correctly, Great Peacock was the first band that we recorded in Austin this year. Penning this only a week later it truthfully feels like it was ages ago. As easy as it is to say that about anything when you’re living and enjoying that living that you’re doing, it truthfully does. I guess this was a week when living was at a high. We did so much, saw so much, heard so much. It flew by like a blur. I can’t tell if I enjoyed it or hated it, but I know it was good. I know this because we have so much good music to share and because we’ve already seen so many smiles created on account of this music. It’s exciting to think of how many more will come.

If my memory serves me correctly, Great Peacock played us a sad song. Which was a weird contrast to the heavy concentration of smiles that were floating around the #GQJamintheVan House during that one week in March. The band no doubt jumped out after their session with smiles on their faces, the sad emotion a fleeting moment, but the song left to last forever will help create smiles, a different way. Because there are so many ways, if my memory serves me correctly. We hope to find as many as we can.