Grayson Capps exudes a relaxed demeanor, evident in the soothing tone of his voice and his thoughtful reflections on life. This tranquility doesn’t stem from complacency but rather from personal growth and acceptance, allowing him to write with honesty and humanity. His latest solo album, ‘Scarlett Roses,’ marks a six-year hiatus, showcasing understated brilliance born from detached creativity and unhurried songwriting. Capps, who once adhered to self-imposed deadlines, found a newfound peace by abandoning expectations, creating a dedicated writing space in his backyard, and allowing songs to evolve organically.

Initially known for his unbridled energy and authenticity, Capps emerged as a solo artist in 2005. After Hurricane Katrina, he relocated and released acclaimed albums, earning devoted followings. Despite his prolific output, the break allowed Capps to undergo significant personal changes and gain a deeper understanding of his place in the world.