On the day that we filmed Gavin Turek we set up two pop up tents in the parking lot of the Filth Mart so that people could listen to Gavin’s performance and remain dry, because, in a shocking turn of events, it was raining in Los Angeles. The tents were set about fifteen and twenty feet back from The Van. So if one wanted to watch the performance on the monitor mounted on the side of The Van you would have to brave the rain. To put this story concisely, our driver, Spud, would have stood outside in a hurricane in order to watch Gavin Turek shake the tassels on her outfit during her three song performance in The Van. You know when you were little and your parents told you not to sit too close to the screen or your eyes would turn square? I told Spud this several times during Gavin’s set, but he did not care. He was mesmorized, he was wet, he was dizzy from staring at those tassels, and most importantly, he was happy. Good music will do funny things to you sometimes. Our recommendation, always carry a rain coat.