We’ve filmed in alleys, we’ve filmed at major festivals, we’ve filmed on street corners, we’ve filmed in church parking lots, we’ve filmed in the middle of the road, we’ve filmed in the mountains, at the beach, in the woods, in the sun, in the rain.  We’ve filmed every where and in all conditions.  Some places we dig, some places, eh, not so much.  File Cobraside Distribution under places that we REALLY REALLY DIG!  Once a month, this unsuspecting looking warehouse building nestled in the heart of Glendale opens its doors to the public and allows anyone to come in and purchase records from their incredible library.  They generally have some form of musical entertainment as well as a grill going with burgers and dogs for all to enjoy.  It’s a music lovers wet dream, if you will.

So when they asked us to provide the entertainment for their monthly open house we were stoked on the idea!  Turns out we were right on with our excitement, because Cobraside turned out to be one of the best locations we’ve ever filmed at.  The Van fit perfectly in front of their garage where there were couches and chairs for people to hang out.  There were refreshments, burgers, dogs, candy, chips.  It kind of reminded me of our first few Jam Van shoots in my back yard when we would raid the Costco for snacks because we figured we needed to put a spread out to impress the bands.  In short, everything went better than planned at Cobraside and we can’t wait to be back.  However, in the meantime, I’ve got a bunch of new records to listen to and some rad new bands that the Cobraside team turned us on to as well.  The first one of which is Gateway Drugs.  Kind of a fitting name considering they are our introduction to Cobraside and the other bands that their crew put us on to.  So step inside, give it a listen, and maybe next time you can find us at the distribution building, buy some vinyls, have a burger, and JAM ON!