It’s gotta be cool to be that dude.  The one in the room that everyone’s in awe of.  That’s got to be fun once in a while.  Obviously a level of modesty is necessary, but from time to time I’m sure it’s nice to just know that you’ve got it like that.

Perhaps it’s luck that draws those cards.  Picks the winners and the others.  Picks the even bigger winners, and the even smaller others.  Perhaps it’s hard-work, and anyone is capable if they put in the blood and sweat.  Perhaps it’s a little bit from the one and a little bit from the other, lucky work.  Whatever it may be, it’s far from fair to anyone.  Those who’ve got it, they’re at the pinnacle with a huge weight on their shoulders, staying balanced atop with all that they carry upon them is a tough task.  Those who don’t have it, they’re left to look on, and in the end, their name ain’t written down as many places, but presumably they’re all going the same direction after the curtain call, so what’s the difference?

I don’t know.  I most likely will never have any better insight into these universal mysteries.  I have to follow suit like everyone else, and my slot in the pecking order at this point is to look up to those who have it.  So on a rainy night, when I was standing five feet away from Gary Clark Jr., in a darkened van, in the backstage area of a music festival in Telluride, CO, and it was just him and his guitar, blocking everyone else out, well I had to give up to natural selection.  Only moments prior we were having a regular ass conversation, two regular ass dudes, one just had a guitar on his lap.  Yet when he started moving his hands over that guitar I was left standing there, jaw gaping in awe like this dude was some type of deity.  So I don’t know how that works.  I have no hints as to how to become a wizard at something.  I just know that when you see it in action, it’s a hell of a sight, and I’m happy to watch on in amazement any day of the week.