For years the Perfect Hippie has been telling us he has some connection to G. Love and Special Sauce and that he was going to get him to Jam in the Van. The Hippie has made many claims of this sort over the years, but to date we are yet to record Band of Horses, Kings of Leon, and until now, G. Love… I can’t say for a fact that The Perfect Hippie had anything to do with this booking, logic would tell me he didn’t, but I’ve also learned over the years that logic may not be the best method of assessing situations whereby the Perfect Hippie is concerned. He exists more in the realm of vibes and happenings, and so if it happened, well, maybe he had some sort of touch on it. We’ll never really know, that’s part of dealing with mysterious cats like the PH, but we don’t really need to know either. This happened, the music happened, it’s all happening, and that’s a happening, get it?