This guy is the real deal man. Pulled up to our warehouse in a blacked out Charger, smoking blonde in shotgun, bad-ass guitars in the trunk. He’s one of those cool enough to be down to earth type blues men. Marvels at the harrowing story of Jam Van 2.0’s violent demise, and then walks off to rap with the owner of the fine art gallery whom we share the building with. I couldn’t fully tell if they’d just met that day or if they were boys, but G. Love is a dope artist as well (of course he is), so either way it made sense. I ran out to get burgers so I didn’t get to tell him goodbye, but I have a feeling we’ll see that black Charger again very soon. That there smooth gentleman is a travelin’ man, and from the sound of that engine on those guitars he ain’t slowing down any time soon.