Southern by the grace… I am not.  I did however live below the Mason Dixon long enough to understand a twang.  Sometimes one might even slip out the side of my mouth if I’m feeling a little lazy.  So although I’m not full southern, I often feel lazy, and consider myself to be somewhat of a connoisseur of laid back situations and shit that you can listen to on a porch with a cold beverage and a BBQ smoking in the background.

To all of that, these Athens, GA. boys don’t fux around.  They knew that at Bonnaroo you hydrate and smile, and don’t worry about shit else.  I appreciated that attitude.  One can imagine that they have the types of consistent good times on the road that make me sit at my desk at my mundane day job and stew with jealousy.  That kind of free-wheelin’, beer drinkin’, steady smilin’ type of life that a lot of schmos envy.

So you can imagine my dismay when I thought we might miss out on our chance to partake in said free-wheelin’.  You see, I thought they were scheduled to be the first band that we were going to film at Roo OH’13, and we rolled into our campsite extremely late.  So had that been the case, we would have missed them.  Luckily though, Futurebirds had us penciled in for the following day, and so somebody’s clerical error became my relief.  Because I really dig this band, and dug them for a while, and it would have been a shame to miss them on account of every friggin exit between Nashville and Manchester, TN being blocked by at minimum four sheriff’s deputies.  So this time we beat the man, and we play this as the soundtrack for that victory, and oh how sweet it is.  Pour yourself some lemonade, get your ass to a back porch, or close your eyes and conjure one up, then enjoy.