Fritz Montana did a little scouting trip to The Van on the day before their session at Bottle Rock. They were shall we say, pretty geeked, to be part of the experience. They said they were fans and very excited to get in a van where so many other great acts have been showcased. They had some beers, smiled real wide, and told us they couldn’t wait to get inside. If you watch the videos you can still see some of the red in their cheeks. They’re not at that point where something like this is no longer as exciting as it can be. They’re very much on the up and up and a Jam in our Van is big doings. Hopefully if we see them again it’s still a lot of fun, but at that point they’ll have been there and seen that, and hopefully it helped them get to new moments of excitement along their journey. Because that’s always been the point, or else we could just listen to the radio.