Finish Ticket was introduced to us by our friends at Ploom, makers of the PAX vaporizer. So when we filmed our session with them in Petaluma, which is located near Ploom’s homebase of San Francisco, they sent a couple of representatives to the shoot to spread the word about the PAX. One of the reps, a girl by the name of Kate, looked kind of familiar, but given the hectic nature of Jam in the Van shoots, I didn’t really have a moment to think on where I’d seen her before. It wasn’t until we’d returned from our trip to Los Angeles and we were e-mailing with Kate that it was alerted to me that she went to The University of Michigan. Then it clicked. We lived in the same dorm our freshman year at the finest institution of higher education in the land. So I basically saw her almost everyday. Once I came to that revelation I said to myself “damn, the world can be pretty trippy when it gets small like that.” Thank goodness for good music. Without it, I’m not sure I’d be able to handle the world when it got trippy like that man. That’d be way too heavy, and I prefer to keep it heady. So here’s a little something on that tip, you know, so you don’t trip.