I believe this is the third year that we’ve done a contest for our Austin trip. Each year it gets headier and headier as more and more musicians throw their music into the hat and ask us to pick just one winner. Since this is a pretty tricky task we actually don’t pick just one, we pick five and then we let them do the leg work to determine who the ultimate champion is by hitting the internets as hard as they can and rustling up votes via their social media supporters. Last year we had a bit of a fiasco that was kind of our fault because we didn’t put enough protections on the voting system. This time we made that shit iron clad like a vault and so the bands actually had to do real promotion instead of just finding bots to do the voting for them.

In the end there was one band that beyond dominated the competition, they crushed their adversaries in a way we did not think possible. Nobody was even in the same stratosphere as Evening Darling in terms of how many votes they got for the contest, it was rather impressive and they certainly earned the crown that they were anointed this past March. Hopefully they made it home with most of the prizes that they picked up, we didn’t realize they were flying out to Austin when we put the package together. It was a lot of stuff. A lot of heady good stuff. In return they gave us these three heady offerings. I’d say it was a fair trade. So, without further ado, we now present to you the 2016 JITV X GQ Artist House Contest Winner, Evening Darling! May they go on to prosper as a band and do many ore great things with the Jam Van’s wind beneath their sails! Oh man, that’s about as cheesy as I can do. OK, I’ll shut up now.