I have to admit I only made it through about half of the first season of The Walking Dead. I’m not so huge into zombies, however, our DP Dave Yeaman is a Zombie-Head, if you will, and also as it turns out, a Kinney-Head. We didn’t tell him that Emily was coming in to film a session until the very last minute, and oooh boy did he blush. To his credit he tried to hold it together but then at the end of the session, his selfie-loving-facebook-posting-fanboy-ass just had to get all middle schooler on her and get a picture so he could show all his Fakebook (typo, but it stays) friends about it. Unfortunately, Dave claims he did not post the picture at the optimal time and thus his “like” count and comment interaction suffered as a result. Our sound guy Ethan however!!!! SOOOOO many likes! Way to go Ethan, you won the fanboy contest, Dave is forever your inferior when it comes to posting pictures of yourself with The Walking Dead cast members.

Now, without further interruption, here’s some lovely pop music from Ms. Emily Kinney that the zombies can’t touch! At least I think they can’t… oh shit, Jack, lock the doors and get some silver bullets (is that a thing???)!