After pounding the skins for over a decade with Norwegian indie darlings Razika, Embla Karidotter has swapped her drumsticks for a microphone and assembled an eclectic band to chase down her long-time dream of country music stardom. Enter the Karidotters, a veritable who’s-who of Norway’s music elite: on bass, you’ve got Marie Moe, a seasoned vet from Razika and Slomosa; Simen Følstad Nilsen, the pedal steel wizard from Aiming for Enrike; and Nils Jørgen Nilsen, the rhythm powerhouse from Honningbarna and the Needs, keeping the beat steady.

Their debut full-length, Hello, I’m Embla, didn’t just make waves—it snagged the 2022 Spellemann Award for Best Country Album. Written on the move and dripping with themes of identity, love, and the search for self-worth, this record marks a bold evolution from Embla’s earlier work. Where her first EP, Howling, was a moody, cinematic journey, Hello, I’m Embla is a raucous, honky tonk joyride—fun, grounded, and full of heart. Superstar producer Matias Téllez, known for his work with girl in red, harnessed the raw energy and camaraderie of the band, making it clear these musicians were having the time of their lives in the studio.