Asheville, North Carolina rests in the thick of a mass of merging mountains. Nestled in the heart of the Bible Belt, there undoubtedly remain a larger number of churches than music venues in the city, but I would venture to guess that the gap is closing rather rapidly.

Music just seems to like to grow in Asheville. Maybe it’s the air. The area has long been sought for it’s healthful atmosphere, the fresh mountain air once believed to be a cure for consumption. Now folks come to these magic mountains for other reasons, flocking for the carefree breathing that accompanies the air. The mix of wanderers that have put down roots there can all attest to the staying power that comes from a place that makes you feel like there is no limit to what creativity and living can be.

If that feeling comes in the form of a Bass Clarinet, an NS Stick, and some drums, well then that’s what it is. Straight-up Asheville trippy, and it works. The E. Normus Trio works. It starts off a bit like, “what’s going on here?” Then you settle in and your leg starts to jitter, your head tics from side to side, and all of a sudden, it’s working. That’s how Asheville does. At first it’s like “where am I?” Then it settles in and you’re like, wow, I kind of dig this. So in a way, this little city has grown into something larger than a place, its E. Normus, as is the music being made there.