While sitting outside of Angel City Brewery watching the Diggin’ Dirt session, I must have had five people say to me “damn, his voice does not sound like it comes from his body.” I’m guessing they meant that he was too white to have so much soul. Which is kind of a ridiculous cliche given how many white boys do have a ton of soul. I’m not going to list them for you, do a Google (“white boys with soul”). At any rate, I got to chat with this man with the spectacularly soulful voice, and here’s what I think… I think he was a cool ass dude with a cool ass voice, and folks have been tellin’ y’all’s asses to not judge books by the cover since you were in grade school. So leave your preconceived notions at the door. Also, apparently they’re the homies with our boy Richard Love, so that makes them cool in my book. If you don’t know him, do another Google (you won’t find much).