I remember the first time I saw Diarrhea Planet live. My initial reaction was “damn, that’s a lot of guitars.” It reminded me of an episode of the cartoon “Doug” back in the day where Doug and all of his friends started a band. Everyone wanted to be in the band and everyone played the same instruments. Doug had trouble saying no to his friends, so he let them all join and it was a big mess. Diarrhea Planet might have all showed up with guitars on the first day of rehearsal, but they found a way to make it work. It’s not a mess, and they don’t stink (I had to make a diarrhea joke, I’m extremely immature and it would be impossible for me to resist). Nashville, you should be proud of these dudes. They’re a whole lot of fun and their music is double that. Enjoy some Diarrhea on us today. No need to wipe… Again, couldn’t resist.