I’m not sure why I was surprised by Devon Allman’s excitement to pop into the comic book shop that stood next to Gasa Gasa, the venue in New Orleans where we had just finished filming Mr. Allman’s Jam in the Van. Comics are awesome, the stores that sell them are usually pretty fun to browse arond in as well, with their crates of picture books and shelves lined with action figures. You step through the doors of a comic book store, start looking at the pictures, it trips you back to when comic books were important, you know, more so then the money you were using to buy them.

Maybe surprise isn’t the best word for my reaction to Mr. Allman’s affinity for that store. I suppose I was just glad to know, having heard the power and feeling in the three songs he’d just sung, that he still cared about something like comic books. Don’t ever lose site of the simple things, the stuff you enjoy. Stay forever young, and sing from the soul.