This was literally one of the worst, nay, maybe the worst, Jam in the Van trips ever in the history of Jam in the Van trips. Of the folks that went on the trip, I think only the original three JITV creators are still with the company, so most everyone who helped to make these videos might have a tainted memory of what Jam in the Van was and is. Because it was always supposed to be fun, and this trip was in my opinion, very far from fun.

It’s interesting looking back on these lost files with a chip on my shoulder. They’re more fun now, because they’re funny. Not many people would have done what we did on that run, it was silly to say the least. Yet even now, we’re still digging up some gems. This guy Delon, we did’t book him ahead of time, he just stumbled upon us somehow down there in Austin and he brought a guitarist and a girl on keys and a dude with an MPC or whatever the heck that is and they did this, and I think it’s pretty cool. So it was worth it, going through all of the engine breakdowns, filthy accomodations, tiring days, because we are still finding gems, every damn day. It’s just a lot more fun when it happens now.