We got to Moon Block Party at around 11 AM. We were in the throws of setting up The Van when a woman by the name of Julie with a full head of wild orange hair approached us with a walkie-talkie by her side, her hand ever at the ready to snatch it from it’s holster if it should fuzz. Her first introduction was as Julie, the HBIC at Moon Block Party. She was making sure we were all settled in and had everything we needed. It was only moments later, when I tracked her down in the parking lot to ask if we could drive a truck over to the merch tent, that she re-introduced herself as Julie, from Deep Vally, who would be performing in The Van in just under an hour from then. That’s multi-tasking. Turns out Julie is really good at it, and with hair that phenomenally untamed you could never tell if it was stressing her out. So check out her and her bandmate Lindsay blaze through this session, and picture Julie running off right after to go take charge of an entire music festival. She still owes us a signature on the wall of fame, cause she ran out too quick, but you know, she had some shit to do. Now once you watch this session, then watch it again, then go and make something of yourself, cause you should be inspired, damn it!