“We ain’t got time to look back on nothin’.”

That’s a line from one of these Dead Winter Carpenter songs. From the sound of it, seems like they’ve got some pretty big dreams riding on that fiddle of theirs. That’s great. We love watching bands blaze through our van and fire on down the road towards amazing accomplishments. We’ve had a lot of that happen over the years, we’d be stoked if the same could be said about this crew from Lake Tahoe, CA. Maybe when they get where they’re going they can rethink the whole not looking back thing. Because this day at High Sierra, this session, that whole experience, was something special, and if you lose track of the stuff like that, well, how are you going to keep making more magic? Well, it’s just a line in a song anyways, a really good song, but we’re pretty sure they’ll remember us all the same.