We’d just finished filming a cooking and music cross-over segment with David Wax Museum where they talked to Chef Paul Qui about their experiences eating on the road while on tour. I walked up the hill with our camera guy Morty and encountered one of our corporate partner’s marketing team. They’d brought one of their video game influencers to check out the JITV Experience Austin, he was a Halo player. Morty loves Halo, and immediately dove into his own eating on the road story about the time he ate a bunch of acid and beat all of the Halos when we drove across country in The Van. It’s a true story, it was so many hours of Halo, just locked in. We have cool corporate partners so they didn’t mind, although Morty isn’t allowed to talk to business folk anymore. Anyways, David Wax Museum made a salad for their eating on the road segment, that’ll be out on our channel soon. Til then, enjoy the tunes and outfit coordination.