It was a moist ninety degrees out when Daniel Romano approached the van in his long sleeved cowboy shirt and his tight fitting jeans, that ten gallon hat seeming more like a sweat burden then solar protection.  Upon introduction, it, along with the dark shades that he wore kind of hid the man. Not that you can ever know everything just from looking at a person, but sometimes you can know a little, or guess.  This afternoon though, no assumptions were given.

The normal routine of meet him, meet her, sign this, sit here, look here, say this, it all went standard.    Celebrity personality Adam Richman was there filming his new show, Fandamonium.  So there were TV cameras and PA’s and all the stuff that accompanies a big time production milling about and drinking from our fountain of Lagunitas beer.  Yet nothing was suspected, no expectations were made or ever processed before Daniel Romano took a seat on our salmon colored futon.

Then of course those of us standing outside heard the voice through the PA system, and instantly all fell silent and directed their attentions to the ease with which his fingers flickered between guitar strings and rolled alongside his crooning.  That was really when we got introduced to Daniel Romano.  Found out a little something about who the man in the dark shades and the big hat was.  Not much, but just enough to know that regardless of the weather temperature, he was probably still cool.