For our 2019 Austin event we needed some extra hands on deck. So we flew out one of our old interns, a legend during his time here at JITV, Kevin the Intern. He was our lakeside bartender for the week, and after five days on the job he became pretty solid at his newfound craft. In an effort to boost his tip sales (SXSW musicians @ open bar event = tough crowd), Kevin put his Venmo account (@Kevin_OFee) on a sign above the bar. He claimed that of the handful of people that said they’d Venmo him a tip, not a single one has yet to do so. Now, I don’t know if anyone in Dan Luke and the Raid owes Kevin a Venmo tip, however, I’m gonna use their page to remind any musicians that might owe Kev Dawg… cause he’s out there trying to be a standup comedian and he’s like 5’3″, 125 lbs and very sensitive, so it’ll mean the world to him. Thanks in advance.