These guys were fun man. Three dudes who work at a pizza shop. They wear t-shirts and probably whatever else is clean that day, or just whatever doesn’t have boogers wiped on it. Daily stresses involve having beer money and eating something other then pizza, but probably just eating pizza anyways, and of course, band practice, they’ve got to have band practice.

That’s the balancer, the green beacon to look across the river for, the goal. Make a band, get that band heard, worry about the details later. Maybe they’re wasting time, or maybe their savoring every moment of it. You only get such a finite amount, perhaps it’s best to just keep looking at that light in the distance. Don’t slow down to be responsible, don’t hit the brakes to pad your savings account and manage your portfolio. Color in the bubbles on your standardized test, because fuck building a resume, life’s to fragile for a resume.

Just make pizzas, hang out with your friends, try not to drink and drive, and start a band.