You can basically take any word or combination of words and make it into a band name. You actually don’t even need a word, it can be letters or symbols, it could be a picture of a penguin, whatever. Does it have to mean something? Debatable… and even still, some of the names that “mean something” don’t really mean jack to anyone other than the person to whom it meant something to in the first place. So cut to the chase, a band name is just something that you think sounds and looks cool. Don’t come with any B.S. saying that this isn’t always true. It is, if you disagree you are wrong.

There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of by that either. Having a cool sounding band name is cool, and cool shit is cool, and everyone likes cool shit, so why try to make it complicated? If your band name is cool then you have a better likelihood of making people think that your band is cool when they see the name written on a marquee, and that’s what you want right? You want people to come see you play music and to think it’s cool. Again, if you disagree on some emo “I play for myself blah blah,” then you are quite matter-of-factly wrong, and most likely not cool. You play music so people can dig on your music. It’s for ears. If your music is cool, your name should be cool. Cosmic Suckerpunch, that’s a cool ass name. I don’t know what it means, but it’s cool, and if you disagree, one more time, same answer, you’re wrong. Be cool.