I lived in Australia for almost a year when I was 20. It was a good time. I saw some kangaroos and koalas, a reef or two. When it was time to come home though, I was ready. It was just so far away.  As silly of a place as it can be sometimes, I missed America.  So I’m sure it might work both ways whereby a guy like Cody Simpson is concerned.  He’s on the road a lot, and I assume a good bit of that touring takes him away from his home country, and one could make the likewise assumption that he might get homesick once in a while.

At the same time, he’s 18 years old, and traversing the globe with a super model girlfriend, so I guess we shouldn’t lose too much sleep over him being homesick.  He didn’t seem too bummed about it either when he dropped by the GQ X Jam in the Van House in Austin.  His main focus was his guitar and his music.  From the moment he took a seat in The Van his fingers didn’t stop strumming over the strings, he was locked in and focused on the session.  It was pretty impressive for a kid with seemingly so many other distractions to be keeping his eye on the real prize.  Again, there was a super model girlfriend in the other room at the time, but in the age old riddle of which came first, the music or the girlfriend, the music generally is the answer.  When it comes to kids like this dropping by The Van it’s exciting to see them at the place where we meet, but also just as exciting to think about where he and his music will be the next time we cross paths.