Circa Waves are an English indie rock band formed in Liverpool in 2013. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Kieran Shudall, guitarist Joe Falconer, bassist Sam Rourke, and drummer Colin Jones. Renowned for their bold and melodious indie rock, Circa Waves initially garnered attention in the 2010s through catchy singles such as “Get Away” and “Stuck in My Teeth.” Throughout their musical career, Circa Waves have grown and matured artistically, as evident in albums like “Different Creatures” released in 2017 and “What’s It Like Over There?” in 2019. Those projects exhibit their sensibilities of creating distinctive and captivating post-punk anthems. Their 2020 album release “Sad Happy” secured the fourth position on the U.K. albums chart. They made an electrifying comeback in 2023 with their album “Never Going Under”.